What saves you time in your whole-food kitchen?

I would like to solicit the help of all you kitchen geniuses on a couple of topics for next year’s release of the printed version of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.   Today’s topic: what saves you time in your kitchen?   Some things may not be the absolute ultimate, nutritionally (see a few that I’ve used as examples below), but they save time and therefore break down the time barrier to creating a whole-food meal.   We DON’T want to save time by tossing hot dogs on the dinner table–but we DO want you to save time by using pre-minced bottled raw garlic instead of rolling, peeling, and tiny-chopping every clove, every day.   Everybody contribute an idea or two here, okay?

–Freezing greens or use frozen spinach when it’s not in season, in green smoothies.

–Buy a jar of minced, fresh garlic you get at Walmart (or other grocery stores).

–Buy a $10 electric citrus juicer and juice a whole bag of Costco lemons, freezing 2 Tbsp. portions in an ice cube tray.   Chop the peels in 8 pieces and freeze them in a baggie, using a chunk every day in your GS.

–Drain and crack open a whole case or two of young Thai coconuts at a time.   Freeze the meet in sandwich baggies and freeze the juice in pint jars in the quantities you use for your favorite 12 Steps recipes.