For parents or grandparents: race cars need better fuel!

My yoga teacher today, in the middle of class (to take our minds of the obscene length of time she makes us hold each pose, I’m sure) said the coolest thing today.

She said, I tell my kids why their school lunch isn’t made up of bags of potato chips, like their friends’ are.   I tell them that when you go to the gas pump, the nicest cars have to buy the best fuel.   It’s more expensive!   But if you want to go FAST like a race car, you have to give your body the good stuff.   Race cars aren’t meant to run on junk gasoline!

You wanna be a sleek race car, or a clunker with black exhaust pouring out the back?   Your choice.   Flax crackers, vegetable-quinoa stirfry, green smoothie: premium fuel in the tank of a Porsche.   Hot dogs, fries, soda: diesel or “regular” in the tank of a Pinto.

Try that out on your kids to teach them about food choices (and why you’re making the purchasing choices you are) and let us know what they think!   I could see that being one of those sayings your kids remember for life, and 20 years later you hear them telling one of their friends, “You know how Mom always said, you wanna to be a racecar, or a clunker?”   Or, “What do racecars eat?   Racecars don’t eat hot dogs or Ding Dongs.”   I love this analogy, because we’re trying to teach our kids to be racecars, right?   And little boys love them!   And it helps us parents remember at the grocery store, PREMIUM GAS COSTS MORE.

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