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I am just learning how to do this BLOG thing. It is cool. Comments are easy but when you have a question or topic that is not up yet it is different.

My question got placed under another topic so I am doing it here to see if more of you will have some input for me.


Even though I am new to the whole GS thing, as a strict vegan for three yrs now, I am at the point of expanding my uses of and knowledge about live foods. I have done some  sprouting for about the last year and a half and have loved what it has added to my overall well being.

I got my VitaMix this year when my KitchenAide blender finally died. There was only me so it did okay for a few months of smoothies (I just chopped all the green leafs before it went in & ran the stalks through the juicer and adding that to the mix) but of course, I love my smoothies much better with my VitaMix.

Naturally, now I was thinking that I was ready to look into dehydrators, with Christmas around the corner and all. I was on the Excalibur web site and the trays are no longer Teflex. They are “FDA-approved polycarbonate trays”. I do Very Poorly Indeed with polimers (tongue gets raw sores if I have anything that has touched them while it was hot) and was thinking these trays might not be a good thing for me… this brand anyway. Does anyone have any information as to this composition material?

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