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Aug. 15 is International Green Smoothie Day!

Hello my friends,

I’m off to Europe with my family tomorrow for 18 days: Italy, Spain, and France, and hopefully a one-day adventure in Serbia/Croatia.   I’ll miss y’all, but you won’t miss me, because my assistant Steff will be posting blog entries I wrote, the whole time!   And maybe I’ll miss you so much that I’ll get online and comment a few times while I’m there.

And, please celebrate INTERNATIONAL GREEN SMOOTHIE DAY on August 15 with me–if I can do it in Paris, you can do it, too!   (I know, it’s a rough life, but someone’s got to live it!)   The Raw Divas contacted me and asked me to spread the word, so here’s the link to  register and get their instruction manual and support:

Much love,


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