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Body Cleansing . . . part 8 of 9 on ELIMINATION

Many ancient texts speak of body cleansing, the need to fast now and then, for both physical and spiritual purification.   You don’t have to be a yogi to give your organs of elimination a chance to rest and repair.

I don’t sell cleanse products.   Arise & Shine’s regimen is purely a recommendation.   I also think that over time, if you eat a 60-80 percent raw diet that includes a quart of green smoothie daily, and if you virtually eliminate processed foods and meat/dairy, you may experience slower but equally excellent results.

Depending on what part you want to target in body cleansing, you can flush the kidneys and liver with the Master Cleanse (a very old regimen using fresh lemon juice, cayenne, and a bit of real maple syrup in water).   Dr. Jensen recommends several days of eating nothing but watermelon, when it’s in season.   Or grapes, up to several pounds a day.   The extra water and insoluble plant fiber are helpful in removing built-up waste.   I often will go a few days eating nothing but green smoothie (and/or some Ultimate Meal shakes, and lots of water), just for a quick and easy cleanse that fits into my busy life.

If you have a lifetime of eating anything close to the S.A.D., I do recommend you undertake full body cleansing with Arise & Shine (all the necessary products will cost about $200, which you can get at a health food store or online).  You need Chomper with Cayenne, which loosens mucoid plaque, plus Herbal Nutrition to support you as you aren’t eating, bentonite clay, and psyllium husk powder.   I also highly recommend you either buy or borrow a colema board to do a home colonic each day of your cleanse.   (A colema board online was about $200 when I bought mine 6 years ago.)   The most intensive Arise & Shine cleanse is for 28 days, and that schedule of what you do every few hours, every day, is online at their web site.   I never went to 28 days, only because after 20 days, nothing was coming out.

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