Best Colon Cleanse . . . part 7 of 9 on ELIMINATION

I love the GSG Detox program! Don’t underestimate it—it’s a commitment! Its a 26 day program that will clean your colon and several other organs in your body, and most likely the most productive rest-and-repair you will have given your body in an entire lifetime. Often the rubbery, mucoid plaque (described and shown in hundreds of photos by Dr. Anderson, Dr. Jensen, and many others) doesn’t even START coming out until after several days of cleansing. You wouldn’t want to stop just as you’re getting results, even if you have to slow down the cleanse by eating a bit more.

In Dr. Richard Anderson’s Cleanse and Purify Thyself books, parts 1 and 2, most of the photos show someone holding up what was eliminated with tongs, or a stick. You can actually tell by the shape and striations in the eliminated mucoid plaque what part of the digestive tract it came from! You know you’re really deep cleansing when 2 quarts of water goes in during your home colonic (instead of 1/2 a quart or less–typical of people eating the S.A.D. the first several days of cleansing), and what is coming out has the striations and shape of the small intestine towards the end of your cleanse!

My husband just says, “Cleansing is GROSS!” and runs away. I think what’s “gross” is to leave this stuff inside us, never clean it out, and/or go back to how we were eating that we got plugged up with in the first place.

Most will be amazed by the crazy results they have after their first cleanse. My first cleanse provided motivation to keep my colon clean for LIFE. I was astonished each time I cleansed that I had loads of energy despite being hungry and was well supported by the nutrition despite eating less low calories daily. I exercised my usual 1 hour daily, worked, ran the kids around, cooked meals, did everything I normally did—and needed even less sleep than usual. Cleansing is really important and should be done periodically. As long as you’re putting three heavy meals a day into your body, your organs have to focus on digestion and a quick cleanup to prepare for the next meal, so you have to occasionally give your body a break—with easily digested, high nutrition food—to allow those same organs to focus on deep elimination and cleansing.

Some won’t be ready for some of what those who have experienced deep cleansing have to say. For instance, about how negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences are trapped in our proteins, and as mucoid plaque builds up throughout our vast lengths of intestines and colon, we retain those negatives in rather physical ways. It’s theory and I find nowhere that “proves” it. I rolled my eyes a bit when I first read it. But, only someone who has released all that stuff can speak to the very real spiritual and psychological power (joy, even) of letting go of decades’ worth of negatives–harbored resentments and toxic anger. My first cleanse was honestly one of the singular experiences of my life: powerful, unforgettable, wholly positive.

 (Edited Sept. 2014)