relieving constipation . . . part 3 of 9 on ELIMINATION

When I was 25, I was in the middle of a period of having left behind the solid nutritional education and background I’d come from.   I was at work one winter day, and I was totally sick.   I was 20 lbs. over my current weight  (at age 41), lacking energy every day, unable to conceive for several years—but THAT day I was downright ill.   I told my boss I was going home, but on the way home I stopped at Dr. Christoper’s Herb Shoppe (now just called The Herb Shoppe) in Orem, Utah.   I went in  to buy  a Champion Juicer to get started on my new health kick, because I remember that being a fixture in my grandmother’s kitchen as she beat cancer.

Interestingly, the employee there, an older woman, was doing a demo of the juicer at that moment.   (That was my first time in that store, but 15+ years later, I believe she still works there!)   She was telling everyone how she and her husband had measured their poop!   They scooped it out of the toilet, placed it on newspaper end to end, and measured it to see if it was 18″ long like it should be.   She said, “You should be eliminating from here to here, every day!”   (She held up her arm and pointed to the length from her elbow to the tips of her fingers.)

My jaw was on the floor.   I was horrified.   “I am so outta here,” I thought.   (Some of you are thinking the same thing, reading this blog series.)   Couldn’t wait to see DH that night and mock the wacko at the health food store.   (He still brings it up and makes jokes.)   I did, however, stop to buy the juicer as I bolted for the door, muttering under my breath.

My, how things have changed.   Not that we’re quite as intimate with elimination as the demo employee was, nor as earnestly open. But, DH is the only one making jokes about it now.   And I know that while some will be saying “Ewwww!” and mocking this blog, it’s just because they’re not ready.   (“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” haha)

But really, I’m telling the truth here because even if this sounds like lunacy to some now, talking about poop and cleansing and stuff, I think someday you might feel quite differently about it.   The health food store lady planted a seed, helped me a lot actually, even if it was a few years later when I began to learn and embrace what she already knew and I couldn’t handle at the time.

Next we talk about chronic constipation, laxatives, intestinal gas, and colon cleansing.