diet “problem”: ridiculous joy and energy!

Some really cute 12 Stepper wrote today on that blog about her “problem” of overwhelming happiness and so much energy she’s bouncing off the walls, as a result of a GreenSmoothieGirl plant-food diet and mostly raw food.

I have to tell you, I have the same bizarre thing happen to me the more raw I go: I am bouncing off the walls much of the time and feel an overwhelming sense of joy for absolutely no tangible reason.  I’ll be driving along in the car to a soccer practice or something and just feel so HAPPY!  I’m not talking about manic, like people suffering from Bipolar Disorder (or even someone whose Economic Stimulus check just showed up in the mail).  I’m talking about peaceful and positive, like I can do anything I set my mind to, and I want to do so many good things!

When Todd did the Green Smoothie Challenge and blogged on my site for a while, he said to me that one of the curious things he noticed was a sustained, positive mood that had never happened to him before. 

Some of you want to slap me.  Back-and-forth a few times, like in the movies.  Maybe you want to slap the cute 12 Stepper, too.  Today in the grocery store, I was in one of those episodes, feeling so much pure joy and love for people I don’t even know.  I know exactly why it was: I have eaten 100% raw for over a week now, just to cleanse.  I usually feel positive and energetic, but when I go 100% raw (which I do fairly often, for weeks or months), it’s just uncontainable.  I’m not saying I’m like Bozo The Clown or Polyanna, and I’m not saying that I feel this way every minute of every day, or that anyone should expect to.  But I feel this way a LOT.

On the flip side, eating the S.A.D. has the consequence, for so many, of anxiety and depression.  Besides the chemicals and hormones acting on you from the meat and  fried foods—can I just be honest here?  Being overweight, of course, makes you hate yourself sometimes.  Know why?  Because it’s not really YOU!  It’s just something that happened to your body while you were asleep at the wheel for a little while! 

While I was feeling so outrageously happy at the store just an hour ago, I saw this lady unloading her groceries.  She was moving very slowly and was very overweight.  I fought a completely genuine impulse to run over and hug her and unload her groceries for her.  (Why do we fight impulses like these?)  I wanted to tell her that while she may not believe it, there’s this gorgeous, fit, healthy woman inside her, just wanting to get out.  When you’re overweight for a while, you forget who you REALLY are.  And who you REALLY are is a vibrant, fabulous person who loves life.  We just forget sometimes, no thanks to Carl’s Jr., McD’s, and the habits of the crazy culture around us.   

The answer to the 12 Stepper’s “problem,” of course (of what to do with all the energy), is to make a list of all your goals, and when you’re feeling excited and energetic, tackle one of those goals.  Clean out a closet, write your grandma, start the Great American Novel. 

Anyone else experienced energy transfer when your body isn’t coping with digesting animal protein and cooked food and can put it into being productive, loving, and joyful?