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easy, quick whole-foods snacks/soups, and free wellness programs . . . part 4 of 4

Even if you don’t want to order any of their products right now, I’ve arranged for readers to participate in Whole Food Farmacy’s wellness programs, FREE.   One is called 90 Days to Wellness, and you get a short message about a nutrition subject, every day for 90 days.   This is a great support for people trying to make a lifestyle change and get into habits that “stick.”

I have read through each message before endorsing this program:   each one quotes empirical data that will help remind you how strongly plant foods are linked to health and disease prevention, to keep you motivated.  Topics range from the known effects of exercise and stretching, to Alzheimers and women’s heart health, to the properties of specific foods, to what research says happens when kids eat whole foods.   Reading a short message each day is a great motivator!


Here’s the 90 Days to Wellness link.   Each message sent to your Inbox takes about 1 minute to read:

The second is 15 Days to Wellness for Parents, for parents who want to raise a family with good nutrition.   You can sign up for these emails here:

You can see why this company contacted–we share the same passion for educating families away from the S.A.D. and towards whole foods.


Check it out, and enjoy!

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