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quick whole-food snacks/soups, and free wellness programs . . . part 1 of 4

When your kids open the cupboard looking for a snack, what will they find?


I get asked all the time, “What can I do to replace my junk-food snacks?”   We want something that’s good for us, sure!   But we want it to taste good and be easy, too.   We were all raised with the expectation that food is FAST.   And we need it to be, because we’re a highly mobile society.   People with kids are always flying around to sports, lessons, shopping.   Even if you don’t have kids, you work and aren’t at home for three square meals a day.


You’ve noticed that companies making and selling truly whole, plant-based snacks are few and far between.   Most of what is sold, even at the health food store, is only slightly better than the usual junk.


A while back, I found an online company called Whole Food Farmacy.   Their whole creed is Hippocrates’ famous quote, “Let food be your medicine,” and I was very impressed with the integrity of the products as I browsed the site.   Then someone I met at a conference was telling me how good their food is.   Finally, a chiropractor told me that he gets all his patients on these snacks, soups, farinas (drink mixes), and products for nutritional cleansing.


You know that my passion is to help people get better nutrition.   I don’t want to derail anyone with promises that a pill or gimmick or diet will save us.   I just want to help you get whole foods in your diet, period.   Many of you who read this site are already on a very productive journey with 12 Steps to Whole Foods.


I am very excited to announce the addition of this program of vegan, mostly raw, organic whole-food snacks!   They feature vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds–I’ll tell you about the ingredients in these blogs.   If their products are dehydrated, they are below 100 degrees, and Whole Food Farmacy understands the importance of ENZYMES in our food.


Having these on hand, I believe, can effectively end the complaint that sometimes we’re just in too big a hurry to avoid the bad snacks that damage our health.   In the next couple of days, I’ll post some ingredient lists, what I think about the pricing, my own experience with this company’s snacks, and FREE wellness programs they’ve made available to readers.   Here’s the link:

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