pathetic garden overgrowth . . . but, it’s free food!

I’m a little ashamed to admit that parts of my garden have been sadly neglected this year, due to my being gone a lot and not being able to use it as quickly as it has grown.



I try not to  post many no-makeup photos so that people don’t write  GSG off as a tree-huggin’, bark-eatin’ granola chick.   (I’d prefer that you know that “health nuts” can look normal, blend in, even shave!)  


But as I got home from two hours of tennis today—in which my friend and I soundly crushed our teen sons, BTW—I went out and whacked down a couple of my 4′ tall spinach and chard plants that are  totally gone to seed.


I used a knife to “saw” since I didn’t have a machete!   When I saw I could barely lift these spinach plants (only two, and some overgrown chard leaves), I asked my son to take a photo, even though I was all sweaty and vanity suggested I should not.


And I then made a green smoothie with a bunch of it–woody stalks and all.   It tastes fine!   I washed the    

rest and crammed it into three gallon freezer bags, and put them in the freezer. (I still have loads of it to hack down out there.)   The vitamin concentration surely isn’t as high as baby spinach, but the fiber has got to be through the roof!   The parts that had gone “to seed?”   They and the woody stalks are  in  the tummies of the five of us (me and my four kids).   I didn’t even throw those parts away.






Days and days worth of free food–no  excuses to say that green smoothies are expensive!    I  haven’t even gone out and picked purslane and dandelion weeds for my smoothies yet this year.   (Oh, but I WILL!)