Mark Bittman: western lifestyle causing global warming


This is a great speech worth your time, by New York Times food writer Mark Bittman.   Did you know that our massive meat consumption (which has increased per capita 250 percent globally in the past 50 years) contributes to global warming?


Bittman discusses the history of food since 1900, and he talks about while the mission of “kindness to animals” is good, it’s a red herring and by no means the biggest issue, since we’re killing 10 billion animals annually, thus leading not only to heart disease, but a serious threat to global survival.   Thirty percent of the earth’s surface is devoted to animal production, and this is expected to double in the next 40 years or fewer, if our dietary habits continue.   And 18 percent of greenhouse gases are directly attributable to livestock production.


Processed foods also consume lots of the earth’s resources, with 1 billion cans of Coke consumed DAILY.


He says “locavore” is Webster’s word of the year: it refers to people who eat only food grown locally.   (If you live in Alaska, obviously this won’t be as easy as for people in California!)


Conservatives, beware: while this speaker/journalist is dead-on with  his facts (reads the same sources GreenSmoothieGirl quotes constantly), he’s the usual “liberal media.”    Of more concern is that  he doesn’t practice  what he preaches.   He doesn’t dare call for people to eat lower on the food chain, since he states multiple times that he eats plenty of meat and plans to continue, but he waters down his message saying that we need to be more “aware.”   Huh?   Aware that we are personally contributing to the profligacy of our generation, but do nothing about it?   If you’re aware meat and dairy is bad for you and consumes far more than your share of the Earth’s resources, why not change?


“You eat more plants, you eat less other stuff, you live longer.”


–Mark Bittman (a  speaker/writer who needs to lead by example)