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Consider vaccines carefully

Recently, the biggest government entity, the Department of Health and Human Services (governing the FDA and CDC) finally settled one of many claims by families whose children have been damaged by vaccines.   This came after years of dodging and denying that Thimerosal (containing mercury) may cause autism.

 This is some of the evidence documenting a connection between mercury and autism:  1. Published studies from the U.S. and France showing that urinary porphyrins, a biomarker for mercury, are elevated in autistic patients. 2. A published Harvard study that found twice as much mercury and oxidative stress in the brains of autistics as in normal brains. 3. A U.S. study showing that increasing blood mercury levels are linked to increased risk of autism diagnosis. 4. Many published papers by independent researchers showing links between mercury exposure from vaccines and autism diagnosis. 5. Several papers showing that even low levels of Thimerosal in eye, brain, blood, immune, liver and/or muscle cells poison cellular mitochondrial pathways and causes cell death.  In 2003, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Government Reform Committee concluded a 3.5-year investigation, linking Thimerosal to our autism epidemic.   The committee said the FDA and health authorities were guilty of “institutional malfeasance” in covering it up.  

Flu vaccines containing Thimerosal are banned in Europe and limited in 7 U.S. states.   Most of the U.S. is still administering these vaccines to pregnant women and infants, and I have found ascertaining whether Thimerosal is in any specific vaccine to be difficult at best.   My pediatrician did not know.   Be careful and wise in your decisions about vaccines.

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