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Another reason to be cautious about supplements

How many bottles of half-used supplements are on your shelves?   Tell me.

I’ve got so many I bet it’s between 100 and 200.   I’ve been told for years and years to take this and that and the other thing.   I would try, but more often than not, I’d forget.  

Now I’m not trying to say that herbs and certain supplements can’t be helpful on occasion.   For instance, I do advocate for using digestive enzymes when you eat cooked foods, and a good probiotic if you’re not consuming cultured and fermented foods regularly.   When someone is sick, I find goldenseal to be excellent for killing viruses and bacteria, both.   Cascara sagrada is great for constipation.

But you rarely know how long to take supplements. A month? A year? Your whole life? Also, most people telling us to eat the pills are the same people who SELL the pills.   Ever heard the saying, “When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail?”

What I’m saying is that even the most health conscious among us WAY overdo pill purchasing and then wonder why we can’t afford whole plant foods.   My lazy susan, my box of pills in the upstairs closet, and my cabinets are full of literally thousands of dollars of supplements.   I got sick of it a long time ago and pretty much just quit buying and eating them.

How about you?   How many bottles of half-used supplements do YOU have?

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