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Feel-good prophets

Unless you’re new here, you probably already know my opinion that Dr. Robert Atkins, before dying with massive heart disease, did terrible damage to Americans’ health, and confused an already struggling nation regarding nutrition.

Dr. Nathan Pritikin, on the other hand, was a prominent voice for precisely the type of lifestyle I advocate for here at   He lived what he preached, reversing his own heart disease with years of eating a plant-based diet.   Pritikin said in his will that he wanted to be autopsied at his death, and he wanted the results published, regardless of the outcome.

The outcome of the autopsy, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1985, was that he had the healthy arteries and heart of a very young person, with no sign of heart disease or atherosclerosis.

As you may have observed, on the other hand, the Atkins camp did everything in their power to conceal Dr. Atkins’ weight and health before and after his hospitalizations and death, although his doctor later leaked some of the details, which aren’t pretty.   How could they publicize the findings of his autopsy, after he’d built a megamillion dollar empire telling people their hearts would be healthy eating bacon and eggs?   Among many other studies, I’ll quote just one: a study published in Angiology in 2000 shows that the Atkins diet reduces blood flow to the heart by 40 percent in one year.

If you’re a reader of scriptures, you know that people throughout history want to follow feel-good prophets.   No one wants to listen to a true prophet who foretells calamity if the people don’t change their ways.   I am not going to tell you things on this site to make you feel good about eating salami on white bread, with a Coke and Fritos.   To be reassured that your crappy diet will make you healthy (like Robert Atkins offered), you’ll have to look elsewhere.   (He “updated” his lousy advice with slight improvements, allowing for more vegetables and limiting portion sizes.)  

The experts I quote and refer you, like Pritikin (also Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. John McDougall, and others) to are those who will tell you the truth, regardless of whether it sounds pretty or not.

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