“biological concentration”

I read a post by a 12 Stepper on the other blog on this site, expressing her frustration about the expense of non-organic food and even wondering if it’s worth it to eat a plant-based diet, with all the pesticides on vegetables and fruits.

Dr. McDougall says in The McDougall Program for Women (1999) that animals trap environmental pesticides and other chemicals in their flesh, organs, and milk.   Consequently, animal products are MUCH more concentrated with chemicals than the plant food sources they consume.  

He cites a study that women who eat animal products have 70 percent higher DDT concentrations (DDT being a particularly deadly pesticide known to cause birth defects in humans) in their breast milk compared to vegetarian women.

Young moms, I hope this is encouragement to you, to buy conventional produce if organic is cost-prohibitive to you, wash it well, and rest assured that what you’re doing for yourself and your children is  good and right, because the alternatives are unacceptable.