Tonya’s For Cryin’ Out Loud Onion Bread

This is a recipe Robyn made for traveling this week, contributed by 12 Stepper Tonya, whose husband loves to each this for lunch every day. Thanks, Tonya!

For Cryin’ Out Loud Onion Bread/Crackers

3 large yellow onions

2 handfuls spinach

3 cups flaxseeds, ground in BlendTec

3 cups raw sunflower seeds

½ cup Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

¼ cup extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil

Soak flax and sunflower seeds overnight in 6 cups water. Peel and quarter onions and slice them in food processor with “S” blade (or shred them using the large shred blade—this will somewhat “juice” the onions). Slice/shred spinach. Add Bragg’s, olive oil, soaked seeds, and stir well. Spread mixture on teflex sheets in dehydrator (4-5 trays). Dehydrate at 100 degrees until desired consistency is achieved. Flip to dry on the other side. Unless you made them very dry crackers, store in fridge.

Tastes great with tomatoes, sprouts, raw mayo, and/or avocado!