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$ billions spent on useless cholesterol drugs

Millions of Americans are taking Vytorin or Zetia for heart disease.   And yet, full results were finally released last week of a failed trial showing absolutely NO benefit from these drugs.   Two Congressional panels have launched probes into why it took drug makers almost two years to release results!


I could save Congress a bunch of money on those “probes”: Zetia and Vytorin have racked up $5 billion in sales!   Hm, I wonder why the drug companies would drag their feet.   DUH.

 Just like Pfizer’s failed trial of the cholesterol drug torcetrapib, these drugs lowered LDL cholesterol but had no result.   We have repeatedly in recent years seen evidence that  obsession with cholesterol is unwarranted: cholesterol is not the biomarker we once thought it was.   Torcetrapib, for instance, lowered cholesterol but increased heart attacks!


So what’s the reaction in the medical community?   Yale cardiologist Harlan Krumholz urges us all to eat a bunch of other dangerous pills instead.   “We know that statins are good drugs.   We know that they reduce risks,” he says.   Come back to Lipitor and Crestor, is his mantra!


We don’t fully know, however, what other problems are caused by eating those chemicals.   (I’m sure you could read a whole page of fine print about KNOWN risks if you picked up your Lipitor Rx, though.)   Putting chemicals into our bodies always cause problems, short term, long term, or both.   That’s because we can’t DIGEST, ASSIMILATE or ELIMINATE those chemicals.


I think it’s disappointing, disturbing, and utterly frustrating that Dr. Krumholz and almost all his cronies use their rare opportunity with the press’s microphone to get people on one drug after the other, when true relief from heart disease lies elsewhere entirely.


Get a BlendTec.   Use it and my free 12 Step program and recipes that come with it, daily, to get 25+ servings of whole green foods, fruits, sprouted grains, seeds, nuts, and small amounts of heart-healthy virgin oils.   You’ll naturally get 50+ grams of fiber daily eating that way.


Turn the typical Western diet upside down.   Instead of the average American’s 51 percent refined oils and carbs, 42 percent animal proteins, and 7 percent fruits/vegs (half of which are potatoes!), do the opposite of that.   Save a boatload on hard little pills that will save you from nothing in the long run.   Break a sweat 5 or 6 days a week.


There’s no straighter path to health than that–eating right and exercising.  


Disclaimer: This is opinion and in no way constitutes medical advice.   Do not discontinue drug use without the supervision of a qualified, competent health care professional.

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