macular degeneration

        My friend Randy, a restaurant manager nearing 50, just told me he had to leave the Utah Jazz game last night in the third quarter, because his eyes hurt so much he couldn’t really see.   He’s frustrated by the degeneration of his eyes.

        If you’re reading this, you likely enjoy reading.   It’s one of the greatest pleasures of my life–my voracious appetite for reading—because it’s how I learn.  I would be so devastated to lose my vision, which is what is happening to one of my close family members right now, in her 60s and unable to read because of macular degeneration.

        It doesn’t have to be that way.   If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning, you might have read that with no surgical or other intervention, my eyes at age 41 are now 20/15, my vision  perfect—despite the fact that I wore glasses at the age of 20!   Don’t let anyone tell you that degenerative disease cannot be reversed.

        A study published in 1994 by Journal of the American Medical Assn. (JAMA) said that people who eat greens five times a week have an 86 percent lower risk of macular degeneration!
        Drink green smoothies for your eyes.   If it’s able to make vision improve, just imagine what it’s doing for the rest of your body, too.