blooming garden in the dead of winter

After DH built me some winter garden boxes (removable, on top of my square foot boxes), I planted them with onions and chard and spinach last fall.   I meant to go out and water them, but, well . . . it’s been a bitter winter here in Utah.   I’m kind of lazy and don’t like to be cold.   I  just never even looked in there since about November.   Yesterday, March 28, I opened up the box and look what I found:

Onions and chard are growing away!   I still have a few weeks’ worth of frozen chard and beet greens in my freezer from my garden last fall–I’d better use them, because I’ve actually got a harvest waiting for me already, in March!   And now, this morning, this is (again) what the growboxes look like:

You can read how to make these grow boxes in Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Harvest.