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Costco Nazi: no sweet potatoes for you!

Today I made my weekly produce pilgrimage to Costco.     I don’t even really like sweet potato, generally, but I LOVE the healthy sweet potato fries that we’ve come up with, readers and I, served on a bed of cooked quinoa.   It’s  a 10-minute dinner.      I’d ordered 50 lbs. of quinoa from Azure Standard and finally gotten it, and I made the seasoning mixture  Steff puts on her sweet potato fries.   So I was going to load up at Costco with 2-3 bags of the stuff this week.

I was so disappointed when . . . they were out!   I found the produce manager and asked him what was up.   He said, “It’s the weirdest thing.   They weren’t selling, and we were throwing them away–I was thinking we’d have to discontinue them.   And then all of a sudden the past couple of weeks, I just can’t keep them in stock!   I don’t know what happened!”

Well, I do.   Have a heart, local readers!   Stick a bag or two behind, say, the broccoli, for me!    Hopefully they’ll increase the supply to meet the demand.   :-)

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