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I leveraged some of this from a blog by Jason Ferruggia, one of the few bodybuilders who actually knows better than to drink whey protein shakes:Many of you know that dairy is not good for getting lean, and that consumption of dairy products has been linked to a decreased immune response.   Most of us can handle lactose as babies but lose this ability as adults. Adults just don’t need milk anymore.

Lactose Intolerance Among

People of Asian descent is 90-100%

People of Native American descent is 95%

People of African descent is 65-70%

People of Italian descent is 65-70%

People of Hispanic descent is 50-60%

People of Caucasian descent is 10% (who have been drinking cow milk for so long that they have adapted more than any other group)

 If you’re a Caucasian person, don’t congratulate yourself that cow milk is somehow good for you just because you’re not lactose intolerant.   The literature doesn’t show that high animal protein consumption leads to cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases in just SOME cultures.   Just because most white folks have developed a tolerance to casein in milk doesn’t inoculate us against the damage done by that food.

Human beings are the only species that actually drinks the milk of another species. Think about that for a second: If I poured  you a glass of milk fresh squeezed from a nursing mother’s breast, you would freak out and not even consider drinking it. But if I poured  you  a glass of milk laced with 80 different FDA-allowed antibiotics, pus, and hormones that I just got out of a smelly, diseased cow, you wouldn’t think twice about slugging it right down.

High milk consumption has been shown in studies to increase the risk for osteoporosis instead of decrease it. In fact, the calcium absorption rate of milk is quite low. These are calcium absorption rates for a few different foods:

Brussel sprouts 63.8%

Mustard greens 57.8%

Broccoli 52.6%

Turnip greens 51.6%

Kale 50%

Cow’s milk 32%Drink water instead of cow milk.   In your cereal, use rice milk or almond milk.

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