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Who you gonna call, Part VI Pricey skin creams, technologies, proprietary extracts and processes . . .

Continuing down the equal opportunity path of busting up overpriced network-marketed “health” products–I’ve tried many of them over the years, from NuSkin to Arbonne to MaryKay to Melaleuca.   Maybe some of them have given me better skin as a result.   But now, instead of little tubes of $30 creams, I put a little extra-virgin coconut oil on my skin, and it feels and looks better than it did ten years ago!   It costs 1/30th of what the skin creams do, because $1 worth will last you a year.   It’s so simple, and I make $0.00 telling you this.   It’s the real, raw, unadulterated stuff, not a chemical extract.

When someone tells you they’ve discovered the fountain of youth, it always involves a patented process! Proprietary technology! Specially formulated extract! Realize that it simply must be proprietary or patented, or there would be no true profit potential.   We don’t need technology to save us.   Quite the opposite: we need low-tech foods in their purest form possible.

Just like refined oils aren’t good for the insides of our bodies, refined extracts of plants aren’t going to stop the aging process of our skin, either.   NuSkin’s skin-care products contain PROPYLENE GLYCOL, a toxic chemical known to cause liver damage.   (I talked to them four years ago, and they promised they were going to eliminate that chemical from their products, but have not done so.)   InnerLight’s greens product is high quality but costs $93/lb.–and that’s if you’ve paid your distributor fee to get wholesale pricing!

ReLiv’s (and many others’) products have CORN SYRUP in them.   You really can afford to eat great nutrition, as I’m trying to teach in 12 Steps to Whole Foods, if you’re savvy enough to use your critical thinking skills to cut through the unfounded, unpublished, occasionally downright unethical claims of network marketing companies.   (Their distributors are usually innocents repeating marketing mantras.  I’m talking about the companies themselves.)   You’ll spend a lot and get very little return on your dollar, in terms of health.

And now that I’ve ticked off everyone I know who sells these nutritional products, let me just say that I love you all (“it’s not personal,” I promise!)–just trying to help people find ways to afford real, whole, live plant foods.  I’ve robbed you of some of the false gods we worship (tried to, anyway), stripped away the hallelujahs of the revival-style network-marketing testimony meeting.   Continue to buy and sell those products if it makes you happy.   But in a couple days, I’ll suggest to you what you CAN count on, what you CAN put your faith in.   It’ll cost you nothing, and I won’t line my pockets doing it.

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