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Beets . . . and GreenSmoothieGirl network TV debut

So I taped an episode of a major network reality TV show last August.   It’s really how this site got started: I was told  by the TV people they’d be flooded with emails of people wanting to reach me, so a friend told me I should put up a site.   It’s taken on a life of its own since then—who knew!

By contract, I can’t talk about it or give away details, but suffice it to say that my GREEN SMOOTHIES made in my BLENDTEC (and getting kids to drink them) will feature very prominently in what promises to be good prime-time television.   It hasn’t aired yet and the network hasn’t told me when it will–anytime, and probably soon.  But another thing I think they’ll show is how we abuse our kids by making them eat healthy food like one of our family favorites, my CHOCOLATE BEET CAKE.

Several groups of researchers worldwide have been isolating compounds in beets because they are so powerful in their healing and purifying properties.   Just now, the American Heart Assn. journal Hypertension published research by the London School of Medicine.   The study says drinking beet juice can significantly reduce blood pressure.

The juice of the beet is rich in sodium, sulphur, chlorine, iodine, copper and vitamins B1, B2, C and bioflavonoids.   Folic acid found abundantly in beets prevents anemias and cervical cancer.   The juice is excellent for cleansing and rebuilding the kidneys and gallbladder. As a fibrous root, it’s excellent for eliminating constipation, adding bulk to the diet and improving peristalsis in the intestines.   The red color is actually betacyanin, a powerful anti-carcinogen known to prevent colon cancer.   Another study showed a 30-40 percent drop in cholesterol and triglycerides of animals fed beet fiber.

The chocolate beet cake is so good that my daughter asked for it for her birthday last summer.   On the show, I took NO end of hell for doing such a heinous thing to my family.   Denying them refined sugar, flour, and chemicals!   The horror!   (All in favor of a “vegetable root cake,”  people called it.)   Somebody call Child Protective Services.   Hopefully you will enjoy abusing YOUR family in the same manner–check tomorrow’s blog for the recipe (since this has gotten kind of long).

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