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Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I come from a family with a strong link to genetic breast cancer . . . doctors have a way to scare the pants off of you . . . I was told during a mammogram that I have calcifications in my breast.   Where does that come from and how do I cleanse it out of my body?

Answer:   Dairy has more than three times the amount of protein that human breast milk does.   That’s fine for a baby cow who will weigh several hundred pounds at his first birthday.   But for a human, excess protein causes bone loss (as well as massively higher rates of breast cancer–see my recent blog quoting Colin Campbell).   And most petite, female Americans are eating as much protein as Mr. Universe needs.   These excesses of protein causes calcium and other minerals to back up–calcification in the breasts being just one way that happens (painful kidney stones being another).   And “low-fat” dairy products (skim milk, etc.) have the highest protein.   People always think they’re having a “healthy breakfast” starting their day with some kind of cereal and skim milk.   But they have been misled by the megabucks dairy industry.

 Remember in science class when you put a mineral like salt in water and measured how much of it would go into and out of solution?   To oversimplify, calcium is like that: if you get more of it than you can use, it will go “out of solution,” so to speak, and crystallize into stones and deposits in various places in the body.   Keep in mind that the dairy industry has strong-armed our government into advertising ridiculous calcium requirements (1,000 to 1,500 mg. daily for women).   But in poor countries where people get only 200 mg. daily from inexpensive whole plant foods, they have strong bones and virtually no osteoporosis, even in old age.  

Even if you have a family history, you are highly unlikely to get breast cancer if you don’t create the perfect conditions for breast cancer to occur.   Here’s how you create that “perfect storm” to allow heredity to have its way: eat lots of animal protein (meat and dairy), which are some of the most acidic foods on the planet–because cancer cells thrive and multiply in acidity.   Get even more acidic by eating refined sugar (soda has the most acidic pH of all foods I know of, so get some of that).   Drink very little water to allow acids to build up.

Or!   Do the opposite of that and get a quart of green smoothie a day to get lots of FIBER and GREEN PLANT ENERGY and ENZYMES breaking up those calcifications.   Drink 64 oz. of water daily and follow the 12 Steps, one new practice each month, to get the best plant foods into your diet.   You’ll also feel better in dozens of other ways   you can’t even imagine now.  

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