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Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl, is that photo on the homepage really you at 41, or is it an old photo like Ann Landers used to use?   Did you retouch the photo?

A: I shouldn’t even run this question, because it’s so self-serving.   But it comes from a European reader, and it’s funny, no?   The answer to the question is, no, I’m not  41 in the photo.   The picture was taken by my 14-year old three months ago when I was still 40.   I needed a photo for the site, since I’m the mom behind the camera, so pictures of me are rare.   I did nothing to it, don’t even know how to doctor a photo.

At age 20, your face is what heredity gave you.   But as the author George Orwell said, “At 50, everyone has the face he deserves.”

I’m going to blog about good fats in the coming week,  starting with  Essential Fatty Acids.  Ch. 4 of 12 Steps (Apr. 1) is about good fats, and  my Flax-Veggie Cracker YouTube vid will be posted any day now.   Getting good fats in your daily diet (and  avoiding bad fats)–and of course,  LOTS of raw veggies and fruits–with some whole grains/legumes for protein and other great stuff . . . it’s the elixir of life.   The fountain of youth.   Very literally the key to your health.   Defy the aging process!

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