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Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl, my little girl is anemic and also has been constipated for years. She is taking a prescription iron supplement and also Miralax. Couldn’t I tweak her diet for better iron absorption or something without overloading her on beef, liver, etc?

 A:   You’ve read about the beef recall. I would skip the beef, regardless of the recall but ESPECIALLY with that news.   I would feed her my homemade granola (tons of fiber) sweetened with unsulphured molasses, which is rich in iron.   The granola will address the fiber needs to ameliorate the constipation and help with iron uptake.   Also, prunes  will help with the constipation AND are high in iron–get raisins, green smoothies, and whole grains into her diet, because they’re all good sources of bioavailable iron.

I would definitely not give her a prescription iron supplement, which is not bioavailable (human beings cannot absorb metals or rocks, and metals are toxic and difficult to eliminate).   And guess what those synthetic iron supplements cause?   Right, constipation.   Ask any pregnant  woman who has been prescribed those terrible pills.    In your daughter’s case, the  cure may be (partially) causing the disease.    Her elimination patterns should change just from the granola alone:    I just  filmed a YouTube demo  making that recipe, though it won’t be posted for another week or two.   Four new YouTube vids coming, so subscribe to me on YouTube–the first one we post will be Flax Crackers.   Let me know how it goes!

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