a day in the life . . .

Q:   Dear GreenSmoothieGirl, I’m trying to figure out what to feed my family, now that we’re committed to eating right, so I’m wondering what your family eats every day.   Could you just give me like  a “day in the life . . .”?

A: Sure.   It’s not that this is the ultimate or the only, but it works for us because I *adore* the pink smoothie  and the granola gives my kids the high calories and good fats they need.   (I don’t need/want as many  calories as they do!)   I do sometimes eat the granola instead, especially if I’ve made the Live Granola in the recipe collection, which I love.    



Kids: Kefir made from raw goat milk, blended with bananas, in a glass


              Granola (in recipe collection) with sunflower and alfalfa/clover sprouts added, served with either raw goat milk or rice milk (Rice Dream brand)


Me: Hot-Pink Breakfast Smoothie, 400-500 calories, 9-10% protein

[Note: I’ve been adding a little kefir, and a tablespoon of plant-based protein to increase the protein by several grams.   That’s not because I think I need more protein, because I don’t (see Myth 1, part 2).   It’s because other people think THEY do, so I’ve been trying out uses for pea and hemp protein for my readers, which is so much better than whey or soy protein powders.]


Weekends: whole-grain waffles, pancakes, German pancakes, etc. (lots of recipes in Step 10, coming up towards the end of the year for 12 Steps to Whole Foods subscribers)




Kids: whole-grain sandwich, fruit, vegetable (oranges, apples, carrots, celery, baby bell peppers, etc.)


Me: soaked/dehydrated almonds, flax crackers, up to 1 quart green smoothie


After-school snack:


Kids: green smoothie, plus sandwich or toast or popcorn or flax crackers or sprouted/crunchy snack (whatever they get themselves from what I have on hand)

Me: the rest of my green smoothie, if I didn’t already drink it all





1. Big green/vegetable/raw salad with homemade dressing


2. Plant-based hot dish–soups, quinoa dishes, legume/rice/grain/vegetable dishes, etc.  


[Note: I’m about to post new recipe collections for Plant-Based Main Dishes, as well as Sprouted,  Live  Snacks.   12 Step subscribers will get  ALL of this stuff already, but  collections will be available with my very best, tested recipes for others.   My goal with the main dishes is to keep meat lovers happy with hearty, substantive dishes.   Most of the recipes are a “complete protein,” and they don’t rely on soy.   An upcoming Myth in the Nutrition Manifesto will deal with the controversy of soy, so make sure you’re subscribed to my e-letter.]


3. Occasionally some homemade warm cornbread or sourdough bread, too (Ch.  9 of 12 Steps)


4. Sometimes we have a treat like dried fruit, a grapefruit, or one of the healthy desserts in Step 11 (butter-pecan ice cream, chocolate pudding, coconut macaroons or coconut brownies, cherry-almond blondies with  cream sauce, cookies—oh, you 12 Steppers have some fun to look forward to!).