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Probiotics and digestive enzymes

Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl,  what’s a good probiotic/enzyme you recommend?

A: Probiotics and enzymes are two different things.   I like Pharmanex’s probiotic called ProBio because their scientists, whom I know and trust, have isolated a proprietary strain that supports all the others.   I can obtain these at wholesale cost for anyone who writes me, because I have an ID to get the wholesale prices.   If you are eating fermented foods regularly, don’t have digestive problems, and don’t get sick often, I don’t think you necessarily need to take a probiotic.    I also really like  Pharmanex digestive enzymes, which  have the entire range of necessary enzymes.   My second choice for enzymes would be to get some containing papain from papaya at your health food store.  

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