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natural cold remedies

I have a cold.   And I’m happy about it.   Lest you think I’m sick in more ways than one, let me explain.

Many experts say you need to get a cold now and then (once or twice a year), so you don’t need to think of getting a cold as a failure of your immune system.   It’s your body’s way of flushing itself out, ridding itself of toxins.   You produce a lot of clear mucous that is a natural, very effective way to cleanse.   The problem is when that mucous becomes yellow or green, and thick–a sign of  a highly acidic host for lingering (worse) infections.

I hadn’t been sick in at least 18 months, so I was due.   I’ve tried various natural cold remedies to work with my body’s immune system, and these are my faves (in addition to drinking lots of water):

1.   Zicam–a homeopathic gel using zinc that you spray or swab in your nose–it  has worked every time I’ve used it, making  a cold less severe and shorter in duration.   Get it from any pharmacy and use it immediately when you notice symptoms starting.   Since the cold hit last night,  I’m  grading papers  today and did an hour on the Stairmaster at the gym, even though I feel a little run down and might take a nap later.

2.   Colloidal silver–sure, the FDA doesn’t endorse it.   (The FDA doesn’t test or endorse much of anything that isn’t a drug.)   Keep in mind that the guy with blue skin (argyria) currently getting attention from Mercola, People Magazine, etc., drank home-brewed, strong silver by the glassful, every single day  for 14  years.    (More isn’t always better.   He still swears by  silver and uses it, BTW.)   I find it to be very effective–just a spoonful, a few times a day, for a few days when you’re feeling ill.   Get a controlled concentration at the health food store–15 ppm is good.

3.   Vitamin C, garlic, and goldenseal (an herb) are other things I’ve found to be effective.   Other things I’ve tried I haven’t seen results, but the things I’m suggesting work with (not against) your immune system.   With goldenseal, take it for no more than two weeks at a time when you have any kind of infection.   It’s a natural antibiotic and kills viruses as well as bacterial infections.   I have had excellent results with it.

Use these things, and you  may feel for the first time that you have effective natural cold remedies and can avoid the risks and side effects of pharmaceuticals.    Here’s hoping  you sail through YOUR next cold!

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