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Vegetarian athletes

I don’t think anyone knows exactly what seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong’s diet is.   But if you read his story written by his nutrition coach, you know a couple of things.


First, he eats 70 percent carbs, 15 percent protein, and 15 percent fat.   You’d have a very hard time attaining that without a heavily plant-based diet.   I wonder if that has also been a factor in Mr. Armstrong’s cancer not returning.   Second, the team keeps turbo blenders on the bus for making smoothies after each race.   Green smoothies, maybe?

In addition my last post, about  the plant-based diet of Tony Gonzalez (the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end), Salim Stoudamire (Atlanta Hawks’ guard) and  Mac Danzi (Ultimate Fighting champ), these athletes were vegetarians:

Bill Pearl, who had the longest and most successful career in bodybuilding

Martina Navritilova, who dominated women’s tennis for 20 years and played doubles for 10 more

Edwin Moses, who won 122 races over the course of 10 years


Carl Lewis, who won 9 gold medals in 4 Olympiads


Hank Aaron, who holds the home-run record in baseball

One thing that these athletes have in common is that they ENDURED in their sport, much longer than the average pro.   This is just more evidence that plant food (especially raw) is the fountain of youth, providing all known nutritional compounds to slow aging and energy maintenance for life.

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