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The 247 lb. vegan

Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs is the NFL’s highest-paid tight end. He’s 6’5″ and weighs 247 lbs. In the off season last year, he went vegan after a health scare (Bell’s Palsy). His experience is interesting, since no study I am aware of compares how vegans can amass or maintain muscle mass compared to carnivores. This will be another case study to add to the files that include Bill Pearl (former Mr. Universe), Stephen Arlin (15-yr. raw foodist, power lifter, author), and Mac Danzig (national Ultimate Fighting champ).

Gonzales at first lost muscle mass and strength, not knowing quite what to eat. He has since regained it all and a bit more with nutritional counseling. He isn’t technically vegan, but follows the recommendations of The China Study (which is all asks of you), keeping animal protein below 5 percent of the overall diet.

I have been focused on developing plant-based recipes high in protein for 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Though my family and I do very well on a 9-10 percent protein diet (which takes little thought for protein), I am writing the program with the assumption that many 12 Steppers want, need, or are used to more protein.

Read more about the Tony Gonzalez story in the Wall Street Journal (and thanks to reader Trey Allen for sending me this link):

I would like to join with a couple of other nutrition/fitness experts to conduct an experiment with a few professional or competitive athletes who are currently eating meat. Please write me if you’re an athlete who wants to see if you can eat for HEALTH like Tony Gonzalez and still maintain all your competitive advantages. Or link this query to a friend who is a power lifter or athlete. Requirements: commitment to a healthy diet, a bit of time to learn and make recipes, coachability, a willingness to blog about your experience. In exchange, we’d conduct measurements, track your progress, and give you unlimited free coaching/consulting.

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