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“I don’t want to live forever anyway”

A new study from the U.K. says four simple, healthy habits can increase your lifespan by 14 years. You won’t be surprised that they’re the same habits is promoting. Teasing you now . . . wait for them . . . they’re below . . .

I have a 32-year old friend H.J. who keeps saying he doesn’t care much about nutrition because “I don’t want to live forever anyway.” You have friends who say that, too, right? But I don’t want to be half-dead at 55, either, like literally most of America. I’d prefer to avoid Alzheimer’s that has destroyed my grampa’s quality of life (I miss him!) and killed my husband’s grandfather, too.

When I go, I want to go out like a lightbulb, not a slow death of cancer or heart disease or obesity. What kind of difference would 14 years make for you? It could be the difference between knowing your grandchildren and making memories with them—or not. It could be the difference between getting to spend all that money in your 401(k) doing fun stuff with the people you love—or working all these years, only for your hard-earned dough to outlive you.

Okay, you’ve been patient. Here are the 4 things. Eat fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly. Limit alcohol consumption. Don’t smoke.

One of the principal researchers in this study published in the Public Library of Science Medicine, Dr. Khaw, says the study suggests that “small differences in lifestyle may make a big difference to health.”

It’s not rocket science, and you can take it one simple step at a time. This month we’re doing green smoothies and kicking the soda habit. Check out my 12 Steps blog to see what those who started the program just 12 days ago are doing. Being accountable, changing their habits, one every month. LOVE you guys who are posting. XOXO —Robyn

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