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take THAT, Red Cross!

I got the last laugh.   Last week I ranted about skewed charts—weight charts, hematocrit charts—and I tested my theory today as I promised I would.   I did NOT drink 1/2 gal. of water by 1 p.m. like I usually do.   I drank over a quart and then no water after 11 a.m. except a few sips from the drinking fountain at work to survive teaching (i.e., talking) for three hours straight.

I went at 5 p.m. to give blood and  had a hematocrit of 38!   So I faked the Red Cross out, all in the name of serving my fellow man.   If they want me to be dehydrated to pass their silly little test, FINE.   Done.   Just don’t call me anemic!   :-)

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