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Modern dietetics

I heard a lecture by a registered nutritionist this weekend.   My experience in the past with dieticians has been that they are all “party line,” totally under the influence of the meat- and dairy-industry-controlled curriculum.   (Those with  dietetics  degrees are  the ones designing the menus in hospitals and schools, remember?    Enough said.)

The main thrust of her lecture was to tell mothers to make sure their children get LOTS of cow milk.   She stated that cow milk is a better calcium source than greens, so if you have to, get your kids to drink “flavored milk” (a euphemism for antibiotic- and hormone-enriched dairy products full of sugar and chemical additives).   I felt sad for the moms listening to the lecture who were  unaware that this dietician works for a government agency directly funded by the dairy industry.   And sad for the dietician herself, who doesn’t know any better.   (In fairness, she did say breast feeding is best, so that’s good.)

About 10 years ago, I read a review of a study from the University of Washington.   It was buried as a tiny article deep in the third section (if it had been funded by the megabucks dairy industry, it would have been front page).   It said that if you want calcium, you won’t get it from dairy [though that’s an excellent, bioavailable  source of calcium if you’re a baby cow, BTW—this is me talking, not the study].   The study found that people are not absorbing the calcium and magnesium in milk, whereas they do absorb what is found in LEAFY GREENS.   It’s not about how many milligrams of calcium are in the food—it’s all about BIOAVAILABILITY.

We should take a page from our very close cousins, the primates.   We share 99.4% of our DNA with them.   Ever heard of a gorilla with osteoporosis?   If you did, would you send him to obtain the milk of another animal and drink it by the gallon?   That’s what OUR dieticians tell us to do.   No, gorillas are some of the strongest animals on the planet, and  what they eat, all day long, is a wide variety of greens.   Their bodies gather the amino acids in those natural plant foods  to  assemble PLENTY of protein for impressive muscle mass.   (You’ve seen King Kong—oh, wait—I guess that was fiction.)

 We’re the highest dairy-consuming country on the planet, by more than double.   And we also have the highest rate of osteoporosis, by a mile.   You can do the math.   I wish dietetics programs and medical schools would throw out all the biased and politically influenced curriculum  and seek out the truth.

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