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Whole food green drink

I just pushed a 475-bottle order of a whole food green drink group buy up  my long driveway and tried my first glass—a local group buy I’m doing.   It tastes great!   I’m so excited about using this and putting it in my food storage, because the ingredient list is unbelievable!

Not only does it have lots of sprouted greens like kamut, barley, alfalfa, and wheat grass juices—but it has kale, spinach, broccoli, and parsley  juices, all dehydrated at low temp to preserve enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.   It has the power foods spirulina and blue-green algae (the widely studied reasons  sea  creatures ever get cancer).    VM Green  has all the probiotics to protect your gut through the winter against bad bacteria.

And what I’m most excited about (I know of no other similar product with these), it has kelp and dulse, the two sea plant foods I have been TRYING to get into my diet to address my hypothyroidism.

 One in four women (and many men as well) in the U.S.  have thyroid issues, and most are undiagnosed.    That T-3 test your OB/GYN may have given you does NOT tell the whole story—I test in the huge “normal” range for that test, but a full blood panel tells another story.

Nourish your thyroid with kelp and dulse in the VitaMineral Green, using at  LEAST a tsp. in each of three quarts of water you drink daily (work up to a Tbsp.), and you should see your blood sugar stabilize, sugar cravings decrease, and weight drop off.   If you need to GAIN weight, that’s the flip side of the same coin: you aren’t using nutrition well, so the prescription is the same—greens, for alkalinity and minerals!

Every other whole food green drink I’ve looked at (pretty much everything out there, I think) has fillers in it like flax, apple pectin, and lecithin, making it cheap to manufacture.   This product has NO fillers.

I highly recommend this  whole food green drink  that also contains all the enzymes you need to supply your body with food (you can let your body manufacture enzymes to digest cooked food, but it can’t do that for a lifetime).   You’ve got about 30 years’ worth of ability to do that, if you’re lucky, and then your tissues and organs burn out and degenerative disease results.   I’m so excited to not have to find ways to eat nori, dulse, and kelp every day now that I have VitaMineral Green.

You can get VitaMineral Green at  on this site shortly.   I’d been paying $96/bottle for another product with only a few of these ingredients, so I’m excited to get this product out there for  half that price!

This whole food green drink is  great for food storage—can you believe five-year shelf life?   Amber glass bottles keep the light from oxidizing the deep-green nutrition.   I feel so much better about my food storage now.

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