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The coconut oil diet

I  have found the  best organic, cold-pressed  coconut oil  for the best price anywhere on the internet.   Check it out on    The coconut oil diet eaten by  Pacific Islanders is the reason that despite eating up to 60% fat from a diet rich in coconut, they have ideal body weight/mass ratios, as well as virtually no heart disease or cancer, and beautiful hair, skin, and teeth.   You can read Bruce Fife’s Coconut Oil Miracle to discover how researchers have eliminated other factors and zeroed in on the secret to these indigenous peoples’ impressive disease resistance: the coconut oil diet.

No pantry or food storage should be without coconut oil, and here’s why:

It’s 64% medium-chain fatty acids, which burn as energy quickly rather than getting stored as fat like the long-chains.   It’s very stable and doesn’t go rancid for over two years.   Refined oils are rancid when you buy them, heated above 400 degrees and often bombarded with hydrogen atoms to make them fake foods, trans fatty acids, that destroy every cell they touch.  

Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and prevents heart disease (recent research shows heart disease to be linked to lingering infections in the blood and tissues).     It’s anti-tumor, and anti-free radical (full of antioxidants).   I put it around my eyes to avoid wrinkles and my hair to make it shiny and silky.

It’s well documented to nourish the thyroid, promote metabolism, and cause weight loss.    It boosts metabolism for up to 24 hours after eating it, and it causes up to 100 percent better utilization of the essential fatty acids (EFAs).

It’s the only fat that doesn’t create trans fats even when heated to high temps, as in sauteing—so it’s perfect for cooking and even better raw.   It tastes SO good—my kids eat it plain by the spoonful.

My recipes have uses for coconut oil—use it in baking, frying, granolas,  salads—you can pour it in your green smoothie gradually at the very end of blending (it becomes solid below 76 degrees).

Check out pages on my site dedicated to the coconut oil diet and the link to the best source and price I’ve found anywhere.

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