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Whole Food Eating . . . Moms’ Retreat

I’m  planning a retreat for moms (and those rare dads who cook and don’t mind being with lots of women!) in Salt Lake City next summer.   You’ll  learn a ton, leave with lots of recipes and information,  and OF COURSE be well fed.   You’ll leave armed and ready to feed and teach your children about  whole food eating for life.

 I’m thinking high-energy, information-packed, interactive workshops with lots of demos,  interesting digests of  dozens of nutrition books you don’t have time to read (but I’ve done it for you), guest stars from the raw and alkaline food world, fabulous meals with the recipes provided to you (all easy and fast, all highly nutritious).

I’ll share a 12-step program on how to “eat the elephant” one step at a time: adding one new good habit to your family’s nutrition each month for a year.    I’ll teach you how to get your kids to not only eat what you make, but CARE enough to make good choices on their own and even convert their friends.   At the end of the 12-step year, you can teach your OWN nutrition classes if you want.

We’ll have inspiring stories by my friends who’ve beat everything from athsma to cancer with nutrition, you’ll make new contacts and friends,  we’ll run a 5K to give you good motivation to train before the retreat, and we’ll have a discount if you bring your girlfriends!   You’ll have a blast and leave a better mom.

 So, email and tell me  if you want an email when I have it all nailed down?   And, what do you want to learn about whole food eating?


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