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Why you desperately need SALT–and what kind

If I go to a restaurant and eat something with a lot of sodium, I can barely make a fist when I wake up the next day.   My fingers are like pudgy sausages.   My body hates salt—or so I thought.

We all know that too much sodium is linked to heart disease.   Yet I recommend drinking “sole” every morning:   it consists of 1 tsp. of a solution of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt dissolve in water, first thing every morning.   Why?   The combination of water and salt has a higher energetic vibration than either the water or salt alone.

I have  zero water retention using this salt, even using up to 2 tsp.  in the  morning (the best time to take it for best absorption).    One tsp. every morning is only 411 mg of sodium, and the USDA recommends no more than 2,500 mg.   The average American gets 5,000 mg.

Table salt is cooked, refined, and doesn’t contain the 84 trace minerals needed for digestion, electrolyte production,  and other bodily functions.   Natural Himalayan salt does.   People who are salt deprived have aches (especially headaches), and muscle cramping, especially at night, among other symptoms.

A double-blind study done in Austria in 2003 examined the effects of  drinking a minimum of 1.5 liters of water with  table salt, versus 1.5 liters of water with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt (OHCS).   Those who drank water with OHCS saw improvements in respiratory, circulatory, connective tissue, nervous system, and organ functions.   They reported improved sleep, energy, and concentration, as well as weight loss, noticeable hair and nail growth, and heightened brain activity and  consciousness.

Drinking a teaspoon of sole (maximum OHCS dissolved in water, made by covering the salt stones in a jar of water)  added to a glass of  water every morning restores the body’s acid-alkaline balance, normalizes blood pressure, dissolves and releases cryallized deposits, cleanses the intestines, improves skin condition, and has even been found to weaken addictions.   Electrolytes are created that improve the body’s conductivity and stimulate  circulation.

Taking a 30-minute bath in OHCS is supposed to be the equivalent of a three-day cleanse or fast: minerals are absorbed through the skin, and the “sole” maintains the natural protective film on the skin so it does not dry out.

Some have asked me if Real Salt (mined in  Utah) works.   The answer is that it’s much better than refined salt, but it claims to have only 50 minerals and is still somewhat refined–OHCS has all 84 trace minerals.

See my store for a link to  get  OCHS from the only importer I trust–others are not reputable and may be importing another product entirely (like road salt from India, according to some sources I read).

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