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Good nutrition reversing degenerative disease

The medical industry has us thinking “cures” are in pills and surgeries.   My studies lead me to believe, however, that cancer, for instance, will NEVER be cured (and certainly never prevented) with a chemical.

I should post the standard disclaimer that I am not a medical professional and what follows is not advice—you should see your health care professional about your health challenges.

But I believe through my own personal experience and my studies that excellent, raw- and whole-food nutrition can reverse many conditions that the medical community cannot help you with or that will require very invasive procedures.

An example is my eyesight: I wore glasses for nearsightedness starting at the age of 20.   I now have 20/20 vision, have no need of glasses,  and have done no exercises and had no surgery.   I chalk it up to lots of antioxidants (lycopene, lutein, beta carotene) every day in the form of  carrots, beets, leafy greens, and tomatoes during the past 12 years.

My optomotrist is at the end of his career and says he has seen this only one other time—a return to perfect eyesight.   I went for an eye exam  7 years ago because my glasses didn’t seem right.   I was given new glasses with a milder prescription, because my eyes were better at the age of 33 than they were at 25.   The same thing happened this year, and I went at the age of 40 to find that the glasses weren’t quite right because I DIDN’T NEED GLASSES.

I’m sure  the doc  would’ve been happy to sell me some glasses.   Good thing he’s so honest.

My friend Tryn reminded me to write about my infertility challenges: My oldest son was conceived with the fourth try at  artificial insemination—he was a twin, and I lost his twin in the first trimester.   Then I had an ectopic pregnancy in which my ovary, rather than the fallopian tube, ruptured and was  unsalvageable (surgery was required, as I was hemorrhaging internally and would have bled out in a very short time).   So it took me five years and drugs/inseminations to get the ONE child, and now my limited fertility was damaged, possibly cut in half.

Then I changed our diet  and began eating whole foods.   My next three children came naturally, without intervention, and very quickly when we planned for them (the last two were conceived the FIRST month we tried).   Can I prove scientifically that nutrition made the difference?   Nope.   But that’s the only thing I changed.

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